Flash tattoos. Beyonce's wearing them, so why aren't you?

Image: Flash Tattoos

Does the thought of being able to keep your jewellery on for up to 6 days at a time appeal to you? How about being able to sleep in your chains and not have them tangle irreversibly?

Well then. Flash Tattoos may well be the answer.

‘What’s a Flash Tattoo, Jacqui?’ you ask. Well, you, I’m glad you asked because otherwise this article would seem pretty boring for both of us. Flash Tattoos are basically metallic temporary tattoos inspired by jewellery and henna – think golds, bronze and silvers, and available in chains, rings, bracelets, wrist cuffs, earrings. even belly chains.

These blingy tattoos were originally designed for festival wear, but I can see them really taking off because, well, they’re pretty damn cute. Also, celebrities including Beyonce, Jessica Mauboy and Katie Holmes have already climbed aboard the Flash Tattoo train, so the trend seems to be here to stay.

Click through this gallery to see what these pretty temporary tatts actually look like on, via @FlashTattoos on Instagram:

Now, if you’re a child of the ’90s like me, you’ll already know full well how to apply a temporary tattoo. For those of you who have understandably blocked out the fashion of this particular decade, or are a little young to remember such a stylish time, I’ll help you out.


Basically, you apply a temporary tattoo by removing the plastic sheet and exposing the sticky side of the tattoo. Press it on to your skin where you want the design. Then, apply a wet washcloth to the back of the paper until its soaked through. Hold there a few seconds and then slide the paper off. Viola!

A sheet of blinged up Flash Tattoos will set you back around $20-$30, with $10 added for shipping to Australia – order them from the online store right here. They will last up to six days if you look after them properly. When you want to remove them just rub some baby oil on and wipe off.

There are heaps of styles and themes to choose from and look great paired against your festival (faux) sun kissed glow.

Will you be trying Flash Tattoos this summer? Or did you wear too many temporary tatts in the 90s to even think of going there?

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