HELLO WORLD: The original cast of The Saddle Club, 19 years after it first aired.

Um, sorry, I don’t mean to alarm you but one of the hit TV shows of the 2000s, The Saddle Club, is now 19 years old.

If The Saddle Club was a human, it could drive now. Hell, they’d even be allowed to crack open a beer.

For people in Gen Y, or parents of Gen Y, they will remember The Saddle Club as significantly responsible for (mostly) young girls running around the schoolyard pretending they were horses. Also, a general dislike of any person called Veronica.

Eugh, Veronica. 

This might bring back some memories… Post continues below.

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However, rather than reminisce about the good ol’ days of Pine Hollow Stables, let’s fast forward to where the cast has ended up today.

Sophie Bennett (Stevie Lake)

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One third of the original Saddle Club trio said farewell to acting (I mean, you have definitely peaked with The Saddle Club) and decided to pursue a career in media.

Currently, a freelance producer, writer and low-key influencer in Canada, she has her own YouTube channel, where she posts on everything from how to grow your eyelashes to getting those effortlessly chic hair waves.


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Okay but what colour would we call this T-shirt?

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Keenan Macwilliam (Carole Hanson)

Image: ABC.

If you read Keenan's Wikipedia page, she is literally everything: "actress, singer, dancer, writer, director, fashion designer, producer, art director, graphic designer, and associate producer".

Because this is proper #investigativejournalism, I followed this up on her LinkedIn and can confirm from there, she has also had every job under the sun.

After studying radio and television arts at university, she worked as a "creative" at VICE Media and now is a producer, alongside Australian actress Caitlin Stasey, at feminist art website, Herself.


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Got my visa approved. I can now babysit in all 50 states

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Lara Jean Marshall (Lisa Atwood)

Image: ABC.

'Tis we come to the end to the original three, with Lara who stopped acting after the show ended. BUT. Since 2013, she has starred in a few different shows, including The Doctor Blake Mysteries and a re-occurring role in The Lost Nirvana. 

She is usually based in LA, however, since COVID-19, she has returned home to Melbourne, Australia.


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Baby boi ????

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Heli Simpson (Veronica di Angelo)

Image: ABC.

Okay, so I know as a kid Veronica was just the worst. But, now older, I seriously love Veronica.

Although she is most renowned for her role in this show, few people know that she is SUPER, SERIOUSLY SMART.

Leaving high school with the highest score possible, she then went on to study at the University of Melbourne, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery.

She now works as a medical officer at the Mercy Hospital for Women in Victoria and lives a very private life (we couldn't even find a current photo of her).

Glenn Meldrum (Phil Marsten)

Image: ABC.

Bless Glenn's heart. After being ridiculously competitive with Stevie, they eventually realised they were in love. IT WAS LOVE, guys.

Unfortunately, Glenn has nailed his disappearance from the internet. But according to his LinkedIn, he has done a little bit of everything in his life.

He worked for a few years as a barristers' clerk, before moving to Germany and becoming a teacher. However, he is now back to working as a barrister's clerk in Melbourne, Australia.

Brett Tucker (Max Regnery)

Image: ABC.

Out of the entire cast, Brett has probably been the most successful in his acting career, even going international.

Many will remember his face from Blue Heelers, Neighbours, and McLeod's Daughters, but he has recently starred in Newton's Law, This Is Us and Grey's Anatomy.

Also, this man was responsible for half of my friends' first TV crush.

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Who was your favourite character in The Saddle Club? Let us know in the comments below.

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