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You may not know why, but you definitely know this man.

If you recognise this man, but can’t quite place him, you are not alone my friend.

This is Dan Small. And while you might not know it, he’s actually been bobbing up and down before your eyes for the last 14 years.

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The first time we met Dan, it was on the telly in 2003, when he appeared as a contestant on Season Three (which was eventually taken out by Reggie Bird) of Big Brother. He was a fresh faced, 19-year-old teenager, who went on to last a whopping 57 days in the house.

Except Dan’s name on the reality TV show wasn’t Dan at all. A name clash meant he was forced to change it, and he chose Saxon. Cool.

LISTEN: We go behind the cameras to check out the reality of reality television. Post continues after. 

Most contestants leave the whacky realm of TV and disappear into an abyss of fitness programs and lifestyle blogs – but not Dan/Saxon. For months, his face was plastered all over Aussie tabloids – speculation running rife that he was in a romantic relationship with host Gretel Killeen, some 21 years his senior.


“She is still today one of the most remarkable women I’ve ever met and is still probably the most frighteningly intelligent person I’ve ever met,” Dan told in an interview.

Despite the photographs of he and Gretel arm-in-arm at sparkly events, nothing more than a platonic friendship ever flourished, and eventually the rumour mill stopped turning. And with that, Dan Small and his spiky ‘I could be in a boy band’ hair quietly slipped away from the public eye.

Until approximately 36 weeks ago, anyway.

Because THAT is when Dan, with new floppy hair and prickly stubble, slowly began appearing all over our Instagram feeds.

Why? Because he started dating ex-Bachelor contestant and social media influencer Sarah Mae Louise – who also happens to be the best friend of Bach alum Sam Frost.



Oh! He’s also good mates with Chrissie Swan. Because yep.

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So that is why, when you’ve been scrolling through Insta, you’ve let out a “wah?!” and “who?!” a few too many times. It’s Saxon, you guys. From freakin’ Big Brother.

Mind. Blown.

Now this very serious, very important case has officially been closed. Let’s never speak of it again, okay?