The bizarre 'I'm a Celebrity' conspiracy theory that just can't be... real.

A bizarre yet popular I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! conspiracy theory has gripped fans once again, with people convinced the show is telling us… lies. 

The theory – which seems to have been started on Reddit two years ago – claims that the reality TV show is not filmed in Kruger National Park in South Africa, but rather the Blue Mountains in New South Wales.

It’s out there as far as rumours go, but a recent Instagram post on the show’s account seems to add weight to it.

A photo of hosts Julia Morris and Dr Chris Brown was geo-tagged ‘Katoomba, New South Wales’ – and fans quickly noticed.


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@ladyjuliamorris’ dress tonight has POCKETS you guys ???? Side note: how great are these two ???? #ImACelebrityAU

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“It’s supposed to be in South Africa. Why does it say Blue Mountains NSW?” one fan asked.


“Why does the post keep coming up Katoomba or tonight Blue Mountains????,” questioned another.

“They’re not in Africa! Have you lied to us?” another asked.

However, other fans had far more realistic theories about why the post would be geo-tagged in NSW, such as that the person handling the show’s social media is in Katoomba.

Or maybe the show is just having a laugh – poking fun at the ridiculous rumour.

Rather than list all the reasons this one is really, really, really unlikely to be true, we’ll simply leave you with Shannon Noll’s comments:

“Hey guys, what’s with Katoomba Blue Mountains underneath your posts? Because I know for a fact I lived in the camp for 42 days and it wasn’t in Katoomba!”

And in case you’re wondering what the basis of the rumour is, if it was indeed started on Reddit then… absolutely nothing.

The fan started a thread “‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ isn’t filmed in Africa?” and underneath wrote: “I have no evidence but heavily speculate that it’s filmed either in Penrith or Blue Mountains. Thoughts?”

Not exactly the most compelling theory.

I’m a Celeb’s Ajay and Yvie on what it’s like being “larger ladies” on reality TV:

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