Where are the single dads on 'The Bachelorette'?

We’re more than halfway through the second season of The Bachelorette and we’re clearly going through a single dad drought. All we’ve got are “Medical Sales Representatives” and Tradespeople who look a lot like models, but no single dads. Not one dad IN TWO SEASONS that is looking for love on a reality show.

You’re probably asking:

“Why should this issue matter, Jeff? Btw, Jeff, you’re hilarious and should have your own late night show!”

Me: “I know!!! I’ve emailed Channel 9 and they said ‘they’d get back to me…”

Kinda seriously, though, there appears to be a little inequality going on here. The show runs to a predictable format (as does every other show), but the last two seasons of The Bachelor featured hot single mums. And guess what? BOTH OF THE SINGLE MUMS WON! 

Image via Instagram: @samjameswood.

Where are the single dads? Look, I'm not totally crazy, I get that this is a reality show for people that are way hotter than I am, but there's gotta be a ripped single dad out there who is divorcée/widower who is looking for the second great love of his life.

He probably has an approachable name, like Brad, and he does some job that female viewers would love, like a vet trying to save the very endangered Tasmanian Devils. Brad is 36, tall, brunette with a bit of salt and pepper to show the wisdom that he's picked up over the decades. He has a five-year-old son, Billy, who misses his mum and keep asking Daddy to "find a new Mummy" - cut to close up shot of Bachelorette crying.

See? Look how easy that was? I'm sure you could find heaps of regular single dads if the producers can't find Brad in the forests of Tasmania.


The kind of single dad could make it to the final five or six, but because he's not a tall Anglo-Saxon dude that works somewhere in the nebulous sales industry this real world single dad couldn't win.

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He'd be called Will, and he was way hotter in 2003, but he's still got something going for him, even if his thinning hair isn't it.

Will is a bit heavy, let's say husky. That's a nice adjective. He's too curvy to win, but his stories about how he misses his late wife Sarah tug at the heart strings. Will has kind blue eyes and and a warm, genuine smile. He's got that 'boy next door' quality instead of a washboard stomach. Will may not be the hottest dude in the Bachelorette Mansion (aka The Sausage Fest), but he has a real job in finance that does not involve selling products that nobody has ever heard of or cares about. Will has a 5 year old daughter, Savannah, who misses her Mum. She keeps telling Dad to "find a new mummy" - cut to close up shot of Bachelorette crying.

That wasn't that hard, was it? Wow, I should write for a TV show. Channel 10, if you're reading, give me a job! 

Both of these guys are out there. Let's bring a little more reality to reality TV. For season three of The Bachelorette bring on the single dads! 

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