Here's what all The Bachelor contestants have been up to since this season ended.

Only one of the women on The Bachelor left the show with Richie’s love (and the final rose).

But the rest of the contestants? They’ve left with an equally brilliant prize: amazing friendships.

Since the finale has aired of the reality show, many of the women are revelling in their new-found friendships (and fame).

Noni + Kiki

Obviously, these two have left the mansion as best friends (according to their Instagrams).

Every day’s a good day when I’m wit Chu ???????? @kikimorris

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Baby girlllll ???? @kikimorris ❤️ LOVE my dress Thankyou @melroseavenue

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Although the two are clearly close, a mini-squad of ex-contestants has emerged, comprised of Rachael, Faith, Kiki and Noni — and sometimes Keira.

Yesterday, the four spent their days lunching in Bondi, somehow all managing to colour-coordinate their outfits.

I have to say, they all look more glamorous for a casual lunch than I have probably looked in my entire life.


Champagne lunch with my bachie babes ???? down at the new local ???????????? bring on summer ????????

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Day out with with my babes ???????? @nonijanur @rachael_gouvignon @faithwilliams

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And see? Keira does join in when she approves:

???? bacon my way down town ???????????? Girls night out ????

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It should be said, Kiki isn’t just exclusive to Noni as her “Bachie Babe”, but is also hanging out with some of the lesser-known contestants.

She caught up for lunch with Marja, who was on this season’s Bachelor, and Zilda from last season.

Having lunch with the babes ????❤️ @marjajacobsen @zildawilliams

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Guuurrrllllls ❤️???????????????????? @kikimorris

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We all collectively fell in love with Keira — none harder than our own Bachie recapper Rosie, who virtually thought the show was no longer worthy without Keira.

Listen to our revealing interview with Keira on The Bachelor, her new life, and traumatic childhood. (Post continues after audio.)


Yet she remains in our lives, thanks to her social media updates.

Keira is being treated like the Queen she deserves to be, obviously:

It seems of all the peasants in the mansion, Keira has decided Rachael is worthy of hanging out with.

Chilling like villains ????????

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The business-savvy star also hosted a small Bachelor luncheon yesterday, working with Roxy Jacenko‘s PR firm Sweaty Betty.

A stunning shot from today’s @bumble_australia Ladies Luncheon hosted by @keiramaguire @hotelcentennial X

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For most of the season, Olena was known for her ‘quiet confidence’.

It was only in the last few episodes that she revealed her inner queen, assuming her position on the throne Keira had vacated.

Olena has seemingly gone back to living her fabulous life, along with her new “bestie” Steph who also appeared on the show.

Night out with my bestie @stephdix #BFF #MYGIRL #fashionaid #Melbourne #nightout @fashionaid16 @amytaylorcollection

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It also appears that, like Keira, Olena has scored some decent coroporate partnerships with many references to fashion accessories store Collette Hayman, Novo Shoes, and Colgate.


Megan and Tiffany

Look, we have already documented this duo’s adventures post-Bachelor.

Rumours have circulated they’re in love (and not just ‘best friend’ love), but either way, they’re just enjoying life together.

Whether it be camping on the beach or wandering in fields of flowers, they are going places together.


❤ @tiffany_janes

A photo posted by Megan Marx (@megan.leto.marx) on

A photo posted by Megan Marx (@megan.leto.marx) on


Excuse me while I make love to the sky. @tiffany_janes

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Co-host of our Bach Chat podcast, Amy Cooper, thought Faith was a dark horse for Richie’s heart. She popped out of nowhere during the show, appearing on the infamous date with Hamish Blake. But it wasn’t to be.

Faith has joined the Noni/Rachael/Kiki squad, since calling Richie a “great mate”.



Aw, bless her heart.

Janey is just being Janey — that is, wondrous and magical.

It must be the weekend because #iwokeuplikethis ✌????️????????✌????️ @a_princess_wish

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These contestants may not have captured Richie’s heart, but they certainly have each other. And that’s awesome.