When you get busted wearing your Dad's clothes...in front of 5.2 million instagram followers

Former football superstar and recently announced “sexiest man alive” David Beckham may have a new title pending.

“Coolest (or most embarrassing) Dad ever.”

When his 16 year old son Brooklyn recently posted a pic of himself to his 5.2 million instagram followers looking wistfully trance-like with the caption”Rocking the old school Ralph Lauren”, his Dad quickly retorted among thousands of other commenters with “That’s my jumper.”

Talk about being publicly busted for cloth stealing borrowing.

#busted  Source:instagram

To make poor little Beckham feel a little better for being outed by his Dad as a cupboard raider, his followers chimed in with their own embarrassing Dad stories.

One wrote: “Dads were born to humiliate their kids!”

Another one said: “You’re not the only one with the embarrassing dad, I went to the cinema with my friends and as I got out of the car he said ‘have a good time, love you lots and be home for dinner’. I wanted to kill myself.”  A bit of an over-reaction we think …

This is not the first time mini Beckham has been embarrassed by his glamorous parents on instagram.


Earlier this year, when Brooklyn was in the middle of filming himself announcing he had reached 1 million Instagram followers his dad (UGH!) stuck his head in to tell Brooklyn’s fans that he has heaps more than his 16 year-old-son.

“I’ve just reached a million followers,” Brooklyn says in the video, rubbing his face in a self-consciously nonchalant fashion.

“I’ve got 52,” says David Beckham smugly, sticking his designer-stubbled face into his son’s shot.

Brooklyn responded by looking witheringly at his father, then looking down and mumbling something dejectedly.


Sprung again. Poor little guy.

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