When you feel ambivalent about motherhood…

Not everyone greets the sight of two lines on the pregnancy test with pure joy. Some women fall pregnant by accident. Others fall pregnant because they think they should. And some, while they do want to have a baby, are filled with enormous apprehension – even fear- about the changes (havoc? did someone say havoc?) it can bring to relationships, sleeping habits and pretty much every aspect of your life.

This week, I received the following email from Laura*……

Would you be interested in opening up a general discussion on feeling ambivalent about motherhood? I’m in my mid 30s, think I am pregnant (it was planned) and feeling very ambivalent about it. Mainly very scared about sleep deprivation, my body never being the same way it was (I work hard at staying fit and keeping the bulge at bay), not being able to cope, the effect on my career, whether I have room in my already full and enjoyable life for a child. . . (My lovely partner is v. keen).

What do you think? Have any of your other readers experienced feelings like these? I must admit to feeling guilty and isolated with these thoughts as people always seem so excited about having a bub and I know there are couples out there desperately trying to conceive.

*name changed

Laura, consider the discussion opened…..

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