Should there be age restrictions on ‘intimate’ hair removal? Brazilians? Laser?

I think my first bikini wax was in high school. NOT a Brazilian bikini wax. No siree bob. Such things didn’t even exist back then. It wasn’t about sex if I recall correctly but about, you know, bikinis. And not wanting to look like a yetti when I went to the beach.

But those were the days before Brazilians. And laser. Hair removal was SIMPLER then. And somehow more private. Less discussed.

Ah those innocent days before we all had images of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton’s bare lady gardens etched in our pop cultural psyche (or is that just me?)

Apparently, there is a huge market for Brazilians among teenage girls. Worse, there are girls wanting to get EVERYTHING removed. With laser. Pubic hair buh-bye. Forever.

MM reader Keira wrote to me recently…

I went and had a Brazilian wax yesterday and was chatting with the beautician when she mentioned that some teenage girls are getting waxed before they have even lost their virginity because their boyfriends tell them that they wont sleep with them unless they are waxed down there.

I was shocked to say the least.

Two things concern me: The fact that the girls are being pressured into this. They already have enough insecurities about their bodies. And that the beauticians don’t seem to have any age restrictions in intimate waxing, shouldn’t it at least be 16yrs and over? There are age restrictions for intimate piercings, but I think it varies from state to state, 16yrs to 18. I know in WA it is 18.

Surely there should be an age restriction for intimate waxing?

pubic hair

Hands up which political party wants to get behind that? Oh look, everyone’s left the room.
I don’t know if legislation is necessarily the answer for everything. In this case, perhaps we just need to have more open conversations in magazines and on websites like this one and with our daughters and our mothers about…..well, pubic hair.

When did it become such a shocking, awful scourge that needed to be exterminated? When did it stop becoming the way that we physically acknowledge the difference between girls and women?
We discuss pubic hair relatively frequently here. Or the lack of it. It never gets tired.
Do you wax? Laser? Are you a Brazilian?Have your attitudes changed as you’ve become older? When did your hair removal career begin?

Meanwhile, here’s a cute ad about pubic hair that’s safe for work or home if kiddies are around.

[image by micarla]