When parenting styles collide (and the result is hilarious)

My husband and I both work freelance and between us we are pretty 50/50 sharing parenting commitments.  It's great having a hands on dad, but his particular anal retentive nature when it comes to how our kids are dressed, and their hair is done, does get a little annoying.  You see, I'm from the country and love to walk barefoot in the grass, let my kids get muddy, and run through sprinklers fully clothed.  He has a coronary when these things happen and is often heard saying to Miss 3 "just don't get too sandy honey" (while she plays in the sandpit)… right ok. 

Last week he was out every morning on a radio show while I was on duty at home – which meant, woohooo free reign for all! My daughter was lovingly dressing herself in the most ridiculous layers of clothes you can imagine.  Daycare day came around and I greeted my daughter with "today you can wear whatever you want!".   Two minutes later she struts out in the most  ridiculous multiple layers of  skirts over shorts over tights over two pairs of undies (she couldn't choose so wore both).

To top it all off, a dress that was filthy from the day before "but it's my favorite mummy please can I wear it again?"

Sure whatever!!  (I had declared this day FREEDOM FOR ALL)

Her afro hair was out and wild!  Another thing my dear husband can’t handle.

We pulled up to daycare just in time to see the lovely owner walking in “All ready for school photos?”

“Um..WHAT?! Oh, really? Today?”

“Yes today they are setting up now all ready to go!” (She was clearly very excited)

The vague memory of reading that notification email crossed my mind along with the “why do they have school photos in daycare” thought…


So we ripped off the dress with 3 meals worth of food on it – left the multiple layers on, took my hair tie out quickly trying to do her hair without a brush.   Not much could be done.

My son (Mr almost 2) had also chosen his clothing and was wearing a girl’s shirt.

All I can say is I would rather not be around when my husband sees these photos.

Emma Mullings is a mum of two toddlers and works as a TV Presenter and Producer. She is a fitness lover and journalism graduate who also likes to write music in her spare time …whenever that is. You can find her on twitter here