When it's okay to say "Gay".


Okay. Hands up. Who’s ever used the word ‘gay’ to describe something that wasn’t of a homosexual nature?

For example, I could look out the window right now, see the torrential rain currently flooding Sydney, and say: “Ugh, that rain is so gay.” Er, except that it’s not. It’s wet and frustrating and the reason my hair is a complete frizzball right now, but it’s not gay.

Our community has slipped into this bad offensive habit of using ‘gay’ to describe anything we don’t like. An early morning workout. A friend bailing on drinks. Your mother-in-law. (Unless, of course, she actually is gay, in which case the same rules don’t apply.)

So if you need it (and let’s be honest, loads of us need it), here’s a cheeky refresher course on when it’s okay and when it’s not okay to say “gay”.

Image via The Upworthy. Click through to see the rest.

Go on, confess: are you guilty of using “gay” to describe things that are very much not gay?