When getting dressed up feels like too much hard work.


Yesterday I went to my local grower's market to do a bit of an organic vegie shop. I had Remy in the Baby Bjorn and I was wearing my daily winter uniform of jeans, Converse, loose layered t-shirts and a hoodie. I bumped into a girl I know a little bit. She is very glamorous. Not in a chi-chi way, just in a….making an effort way.

I remember seeing her when she was 8 months pregnant and she was wearing high heels. That kind of making-an-effort. 

For her trip to the markets with her one year old daughter, she was wearing a cute, flippy navy and white print dress (looking closer I noticed that it had YSL logos on it but in a subtle way, I reckon it was vintage) and a blue woolen vest over the top with knee-high brown boots. She looked amazing. Not inappropriate, not uncomfortable, not flashy, not try-hard. She wore no make-up and her hair was long and loose.

And I looked at her and I thought, 'Wow'. Why don't I make more of an effort? Why don't I wear some of the lovely clothes hanging in my wardrobe? Why does it always feel like too much hard work to wear a heel or a jacket or even tights? Is it because I spent so many years dressing up for work like some kind of circus performer? For 15 years I didn't feel dressed unless I was wearing heels. Now, even when I go out with my girlfriends for cocktails, my natural inclination is to dress down.

Do you have a uniform? Do you make an effort? Are some women just born with the ability to care more about what they wear? Are you one of them? And if I used to have that ability (I think I did but never on weekends) where did it go?