Mamamia Confessions: The moment I knew it was over with my partner.

when do you know relationship is over


Mamamia’s confession series.

We will post anonymous videos in which we share secrets from Mamamia staff, as well as any submitted by you. The topic for each video could be anything; life, love, eating, snooping. Nothing is off limits, and no-one is revealed.

There’s usually a moment.

A single, defining moment when you realise your relationship’s not going to last. It may be the moment you break up, or the moment you meet. But with the benefit of hindsight, this moment reveals more about your relationship than you could have ever realised at the time.

Based on a recent Reddit thread on this topic, we asked the Mamamia staff when they knew their relationship was over.

The answers varied dramatically from happy to sad, bizarre to completely relatable.


We want to hear from you for our next video. When did you know your partner was the one? Comment below or email [email protected] with the headline: Mamamia Confessions.