What’s your great book fail?

Everyone has one. At least one. A book that the world or your friends all rave about that you just…..can’t…..finish. Booktopia recently tweeted: “we all have a book the whole world says is excellent but we couldn’t finish. Own up. What is your #greatbookfail ?”


Mia: I petered out after the first Harry Potter (which I kind of struggled through) and I never got past the first page of Twilight. There are a million literary fiction books I have tried (and failed) to get through. Too many to name here.


Nicky: When the Lord of the Rings movies were being touted as ‘cinematic masterpieces,’ I rushed out to buy a box set of the trilogy, so I could read them before the movie. As you do. I only just got through The Hobbit, and never touched the box set. I also fell asleep in the movies.  Also, I have never been able to get into some classic literature novels, all of Jane Austen’s books for example, too slow and painful.

Lana: As much as I tried, I didn’t just dislike Eat Pray Love, I actively hated it.  I got quite angry with the book, not quite sure what it says about me ….

Nat: Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. I have tried to get through it at least five times and each time I have given up after three pages and found something else to do. ANYTHING else to do. Also, I couldn’t get past the first chapter of Revolutionary Road despite loving the movie (possibly only because Leo was in it..).

What about you? What’s your #GreatBookFail?