Why this very messy car has parents applauding.

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Your house might be spotless.

You might have the children to school on perfect time each day. Maybe you even brushed their hair.

To the mums at the school gate and to your colleagues, you might appear completely composed and like you have it all together.

But the inside of your car? It contains secrets.  Secrets to what is really happening behind the scenes.

This week, Holly Wainwright and Andrew Daddo talk to a working mum, who in her words, has, “a very messy car.”

A very messy car that has now gone viral.

Listen to their full conversation with her below. (Post continues after audio.)

Rachelle Bingham’s post  has now over two thousand comments and over 44 thousand likes, from parents who have collectively sighed a big, fat breath of relief, in knowing they are not alone.

And she says lots of people have taken different things from the post, but mainly, it is about what the car represents.

That is, the stresses of being a working mum.

“I just thought, why be embarrassed about it? This is exactly what it’s like,

There are a lot of [social media] accounts that really gloss over things, with perfect photos, perfect cars, designer things. I think sometimes it’s just nice to see an average mum, in her dirty car, with her two children.” Rachelle says.



Rachelle has lifted the curtain on what really happens behind the scenes for her to get her children to day care, to pull herself together and get to work on time, before going home to be a mum, and then doing it alllll again the next day.


“It is just a little insight into what it is, rather than having everything perfect all the time, and pretend everything is okay.” she says.

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But would she have it any other way? No. Of course not.

Because between the lolly wrappers, the juice boxes, the shopping bag and sports gear is the messy reality of life juggling a job and family.

As Andrew says, “It’s a badge of pride, isn’t it?”

Taco shells and all.

Rachelle Bingham writes at The Mummy Code, and parents, we want to see your cars. Send us a picture of the inside of your car to our email:

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