What were your BEST and WORST bits of the week?

BEST: I went away for four days and didn’t turn on my computer once. See? Aren’t I tricky. You didn’t even realise I was gone. I went to a stunning health retreat called Gwinganna on my own and I’ll be telling you more about it in the new year. It was a rollercoaster and a wake-up call and it was exactly what I needed.

WORST: Realising how stressed and unhealthy I’ve allowed myself to become….how did this happen? Time for a serious re-think.


*Don’t forget to get into the Mamamia DIY Gift-Guide. This post is rollicking along in the way I’d hoped it would – much caring and sharing of gift ideas. I fell well armed and informed to hit Westfield on Monday. Please let the shopping gods be kind to me and make it as bearable as possible.

*Also, this week’s BEST & WORST dressed is here.

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