Snap out of your Summer Netflix lull and consume 'The Good Wife'.

What do you watch after burning through all of Netflix?


Oh. This isn’t Google…

I’m asking for a friend, I promise. Two friends, actually.

Those friends are Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik – self-confessed pop culture addicts and co-hosts of The Binge, Mamamia’s award-winning podcast discussing everything television.

To say Rosie and Laura work hard is an understatement: they fork out unimaginable amounts of cash on microwave popcorn, churn through tracksuit pants on a weekly basis, and get paid in EasyMac.

Four months pay for Laura and Rosie. via

All their hard work has finally paid off, because they've officially run out of TV shows to watch.

They've reached the bottom of the barrel, scraped it dry. They've got the splinters in their fingers to show for it (obviously, it was a wooden barrel).

So they've turned to us... their listeners.


Lucky listeners, as well as some keen beans from team Mamamia, are given 60 seconds to pitch their favourite TV show to Rosie and Laura.

The goal? Get the girls hooked; get them so excited about the show that they can't help but consume all nine seasons back-to-back.

Sixty seconds go faster than you might think. And Rosie and Laura are allowed a couple of questions after each pitch.

We're all about diversity here at Mamamia, so we most definitely don't want 44 Gilmore Girls pitches (sorry Laura). We're after everything from Catfish to Freaks and Geeks; A Moody Christmas to The Golden Girls. So that's exactly what we got.

Today, we have HR Manager Nicolle Stuart trying to convince the pair to watch The Good Wife:

We previously had Mamamia Video Producer Clare Gerber pitching Freaks and Geeks to Rosie and Laura:

And if that's not your thing, here's Content Producer Michelle Andrews vouching for A Moody Christmas.