7 New Year’s Eve dresses you’ll wear all year.


Confession: my wardrobe is full of dresses I’ve only worn once, maybe twice. I have an inability to part with them for sentimental reasons. I cite excuses like ‘that was my graduation dress’ or ‘I wore it on my honeymoon,’ even though I know I wont have an occasion where I’ll wear it again in the future.

My friends and I have now developed a strategy from buying ridiculous things we know we’ll never wear, or only wear once. We ask each other, ‘Where are you going to wear that?’ every time we lust over a pair of (mostly designer) 7-inch heels, or in my case anything with sequins.

With New Year’s Eve looming, so is the desire to buy yet another frock (I’m not even going to a party this year) that will eventually end up hanging in my wardrobe for all eternity. I spoke to Next Direct’s Marketing Director (the Poms do partywear best) about the best type of frock to buy this year, and how we can wear it after year’s end.

“A simple embellished dress should be your key purchase for the festive season, seeing you through every event – office to bar, dinner or a party,” says Christine. “Throw on a cropped black tux jacket if it’s a cool night, add a pair of strappy kitten heels and you’re good to go.”

Left to right: Next Broderie Overlay Black Dress, $69, Floral Lace Top $48 and Skirt $73, and Printed Lace Dess $130.

How to wear on NYE: Add a glittery clutch, heels, and statement earrings to either of these above looks and you’ll be set for ringing in the New Year.


How to wear after: When it’s not party season, pair with black slides or flats for a more casual look.

Left to right: Witchery hardware neck maxi dress, $129.95, and City Chic Neck Plate jumpsuit, $129.95.

How to wear on NYE: skip a necklace as both of these having detailed metallic necklines, add a rose gold wrist cuff or simple drop earrings to add a bit of bling.

How to wear after: again, adding flats to both the maxi dress and jumpsuit will instantly make this more casual and if you plan to wear it into the office, add a blazer over anything sleeveless if your workplace is conservative.

Left to right: Sheike Flowerbomb dress, $149.95, Country Road textured floral dress, $179.95.

How to wear on NYE: pair with black or metallic heels, a shimmery clutch and your hair up (to show off your collarbones and the dress detail).

How to wear after: both of these dresses become instantly office-appropriate as soon as you add a structured cap or 3/4 sleeved top over the top.

What are your worst NYE fashion disasters? One year I dropped a pie and sauce down my front, my dress was white…