What should you eat on a plane?

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Holidays begin at the airport.

Many of us will be flying this holiday season, and it never ceases to amaze me how many people are stuffing their faces before they hop on a flight. And let’s be honest, the foods that are generally found at the airport food court are hardly the best types of food to eat immediately before we spend a few hours in the air.

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High fat burgers, salads with heavy dressings, salty pizza and alcohol are all slowly digested foods that will sit on your stomach, leaving you feeling heavy, retaining fluid and constipated when you arrive at your destination. Technically, the less we eat whilst in the air, the better but if you are about to travel long haul, here are the best tips for what to eat on a plane and to manage your food so you arrive at your destination feeling just as good as when you left.

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  1. Eat lightly for a couple of days before you travel – white fish, salad and soup.
  2. Pack a wrap, nut bar, and some salad vegetables to snack on and supplement the meals that are served on board.
  3. Eat a wrap before you board so you're not hungry when you finally depart.
  4. Choose the light protein option and try and avoid eating the carbs that are served.
  5. Eat only if it is a meal time at your final destination.
  6. If you find yourself hungry, snack on fruit or a nut bar.
  7. Pick at the final meal and then arrive and eat the next meal according to the time your arrival destination is on.

This article was originally posted by Susie Burrell here and has been republished with full permission.

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