Exactly how to donate the 1,267 pairs of shoes you never wear to women in need.


If there’s one stereotype about women that kinda holds up, it’s that we love shoes.

We just do.

I can only speak for myself, but I have more pairs of unworn or worn-once shoes under my bed or in the back of my wardrobe than I’ve had hot dinners.

And I’ve had a fair few hot dinners.

We’ve all bought a pair of shoes with high hopes of a long and happy life spent together, only to wear them once for an event, or realise they don’t suit you/don’t go with your clothes and then forget/can’t be bothered to return them.

So what do you do with shoes you don’t want or need anymore?

We have good news. This Christmas, Aussie ladies footwear brand ZOMP are running a Trade in your Shoes appeal to support Fitted for Work.


It’s really easy, all you have to do is:

  • Gather up your unwanted shoes (think still in good nick and could be appropriate for work) before December 24.
  • Go to a ZOMP store and drop them off.
  • Leave with a $20 ZOMP voucher for your next purchase.

Every single pair of donated shoes will go to Fitted for Work, a charity dedicated to helping women experiencing disadvantage and adversity get into work land a job, and keep it.

From professional coaching and mentoring to interview training and fitting women with business clothes appropriate for job interviews, Fitted for Work prepares women for work mentally and physically and provides them with the practical skills required to take their place in the workforce.

To find your closest drop off point, here are the ZOMP store locations below:

  • Chapel Street, VIC.
  • Flinders Lane, VIC.
  • Mosman, NSW.
  • Oxford Street, NSW.
  • Claremont, WA.
  • King Street, WA.
  • James Street, QLD.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any ZOMP stores in SA, TAS, ACT or NT, but pass this onto friends and family that live near any store locations.

There are, of course, some conditions.

Don’t go bringing your crummy, worn-to-death going out heels in to donate. You don’t have to donate ZOMP shoes, but all shoes should be in good, wearable condition and can only be donated in-store.

For every pair of shoes that meet those guidelines you donate, ZOMP will give you a $20 voucher to redeem at any ZOMP store.

It’s a win-win. De-clutter your wardrobe (to make space for other things like… more shoes) and help women in need.

You can find out more information on ZOMP’s Trade in your Shoes appeal with Fitted for Work here.