Friend accuses mum of "starving" her 8yo daughter after seeing what she eats for lunch.

A mum has been forced to question what she packs in her daughter’s lunch box after a friend told her she was “basically starving” her eight-year-old.

The mum was “shocked” by the suggestion she wasn’t feeding her daughter properly, and turned to UK parenting forum Mumsnet for advice.

“Apparently this ‘isn’t enough food’,” she wrote.

“I’ve just been told by a visiting friend I’m basically starving her when she saw her lunch.”

If your kids are taking a popper and a cupcake to school, prepare for a note home from the sugar police. Post continues.

Her daughter, she explained, was a healthy weight and average height and she packed her: one mini pitta, six mini breadsticks, a dessert spoon of hummus, a dessert spoon of guacamole, six large strawberries and a pouch of yoghurt.

“That’s fine, isn’t it??”

The mum added that her daughter has yoghurt and berries for breakfast, a snack like cheese or a piece of fruit after school, a dinner of casserole, fish pie, baked potato, soup or something similar and a glass of milk before bed.

“She’s fine. Always has small snacks, lunches and doesn’t complain of hunger.”

However, she said her friend was “aghast” and told her that at 18 months old her children were eating more than what she packed for her daughter’s school day.

Other parents agreed that the portion did seem small.

“If its enough for her then its enough for her but no way would that have filled up any of my [child] at that age,” one parent wrote.

“My seven and nine year-old would still be ravenous after that! It would fill the two-year-old though as long as you added some cheese or ham!” another shared.


“I don’t think it sounds like much either to be honest, but you know what’s best for your daughter’s eating habits…so…”

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However, other parents suggested that if her daughter was left hungry after her school lunch, she would let her know.

“Ignore your friend. Your [daughter] would let you know if she was still hungry,” one mum offered. “If that’s how she normally eats with no complaints and weight is fine then there’s nothing wrong with that.”

“It sounds fine – possibly on the small side but if she’s ok with it then it must be ok!” wrote another.

“Well, if she’s a normal height and weight and it gives her enough energy to run about then it’s fine.”

According to Nutrition Australia’s list of the Australian dietary guidelines, girls aged four to eight should be eating: 4.5 serves of vegetables, 1.5 serves of fruit, four serves of grains, 1.5 serves of lean protein and 1.5 serves of dairy, per day.

Meanwhile, girls aged nine to 11 recommended intake is five serves of vegetables, two pieces of fruit, four serves of grains, 2.5 serves of lean protein and three serves of dairy. These recommendations don’t differ much from adult women, who only need to increase their grain serving up to six.

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