'I'm convinced your self-care routine tells me everything I need to know about you.'

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In today's world, self-care has become a buzzword, often associated with spa days, yoga retreats, and bubble baths. We forget that self-care can sometimes thrive in the mundane like taking the dog for a long walk. It’s the little things that are good for our soul which we can’t live without. 

Each act of self-care has a different purpose. Some might help you wind-down, some might help you prepare for the next day and some are just simply fun. This is exactly why I believe that people’s self-care routine is closely attached to their personality traits.

Here is exactly what your self-care routine says about you...

If you love having a 'me-day'.

Ah, the elusive 'me-day' — a sacred ritual of self-love and indulgence. More importantly, a day that requires no further explanation. 

'Me-days' give the illusion that you’re spending your day at home cooking, reading and putting on a facemask when in reality you’re taking a five-hour nap, ordering some takeout and watching sitcom reruns. 

To feel like you’re actually doing something, you also have a Ryde Wellbeing shot at the ready. Depending on the type of 'me-day' you’re having, you choose between the energy, focus or relax shot.

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If you're an energy-shot girly (like myself) chances are you've been lying about and getting a little too slothy (guilty) and need a little boost to get you through the day. 

If you're reaching for the focus shot, you're easily distracted and need something to help you get through that never-ending to-do list.

The relax shot is your pick if you just need to chill out and trust me... you do. 

Congrats — your 'me-day' has actually provided you with something good. Ryde wellbeing shots are backed by science, after all.

If you’re into meditation.

Well look at you, you have your life together. You have the highest daily streak on your meditation app out of everyone else you know. You constantly tell people that it’s just 15-minutes out of your day which is quite humbling. 

You have excellent breath control and annoyingly, your meditation practice has now made your entire wellbeing better. What’s it like always being right? 


You’re always the star pupil when you go on meditation retreats with your friends to the point where you also join the instructor in guiding people through their journey. 

If you enjoy journaling.

When you tell people that you journal, they picture you at a perfectly organised desk, with a cup of tea and some rain sounds in the background. Realistically, you’re chaotically scribbling into a notepad while lying down in bed, writing about how you’re currently procrastinating work but since you’re journaling, you’re still being productive so it doesn’t really count as procrastination. 

You first started journaling thinking that you were writing a memoir that people will one day read. You’ve now descended into writing things like, "I just had a fight with my sister, she’s so annoying." You’ve learnt that the second way is much more therapeutic and low-key enjoyable. 

If you take a digital detox semi-regularly.

You are a next-level self-care specialist. These days, taking a digital detox is basically just force-quitting society. 

The annoying thing about your self-care act of choice is that you’ve roped all your friends and family into it as well because they physically can’t contact you during it. 

In good news, you can easily brag about your digital self-control because you have to let everyone know that they won’t be able to reach you. Here’s a word of advice, let them know privately instead of announcing it on your Instagram stories… otherwise it completely defeats the purpose. 

If you love getting crafty.

Whether it be scrapbooking, knitting, or colouring in… If your favourite type of self-care act involves you creating something, then I am very jealous of you (and surely everyone else is). The amount of times I’ve started knitting and never finished, or created an Instagram account for photos I’ve taken on my digital camera that I’ve never uploaded or bought $80 worth of colouring in pens for them to only be used once every three months (when things are really dire). 


I applaud you for finding a passion so strong that creating it brings you fulfilment. You’re a big fan of work/life balance and you know how to put yourself first. 

If you enjoy cooking.

Yes, chef!

If cooking is your favourite type of self-care, I have one question for you. How? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the act of cooking, it’s the buying the groceries, the cleanup, the waiting for things to boil and the biggest culprit of all, the chopping of the onion. 

I often find myself on #FoodTok fantasising about all the amazing recipes that I always save to remember for later… yet later never comes. 

These videos however, don’t show all of the BTS stuff that happens while cooking. 

If you really do love cooking, then I'm in awe of your stamina, patience and most of all: chopping skills. 

So there you have it — your self-care routine decoded. Remember, that regardless of what your self-care act of choice is, as long as you’re treating yourself once in a while… 

That’s all that really matters.

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Feature Image: TikTok/@ori_alchemy/@dunyabakes.

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