Blokes were asked to reveal the main qualities they look for in a life partner.

Single ladies, grab a pen and listen up. The men of the internet have kindly bestowed us with same handy hints about how to snag ourselves a husband.

Phew. We were starting to panic.

The helpful fellas offered their pearls of wisdom via a Reddit thread, when someone by the handle JustMaybe30 asked, “Men, what do you look for in a woman that makes her ‘wife’ material?”

Of the more than 500 illuminating replies, there were the obvious (“a sense of humour”), the honest (“She’s got to be attractive to me”) and the slightly offbeat.

We assume this is peak #wifegoals, right? Image: Instagram.

Disclaimer: answers have been provided by selection of internet users, and are not necessarily indicative of the opinion of the entire sex.

NoveltyHoosier: "I want someone that I can argue with (and who will argue with me), without it turning into a fight. Someone that can call me on my BS when it matters, who isn't going to flip out if I call her on hers."

Foolscap77 likes women with compassion. "How they treat others, especially when there is nothing to gain. Looks will fade over time, but things like kindness and respect for each other should always be there."

Maccnrv, meanwhile, has a preference for a missus who can be his best friend. "If we can laugh our asses off together about something silly, share the glory of a big indulgent meal, fall asleep watching/reading something stupid together, get trapped in a shitty situation and laugh at it because it's a shared adventure," he wrote. "That's my girl."

For bradfo83, it's all about trust: "I can stop at a bar with friends after work or have lunch with a female coworker without fear of telling her and her freaking out. She does the same with her work friends. Nothing is better than having someone that you can implicitly, unconditionally, and mutually trust."

Then in swoops big ol' softy/future Hallmark employee PlanetMarzipan with this concise nugget of wifely wisdom: "Someone who makes me better than I am."



All excellent and honest answers, but also a tad predictable. Am I right ladies? I mean, trust, companionship, intelligence. We could have picked those qualities a mile off.

Thankfully, a few fellas offered up some left-field qualities that we can really work with, little titbits that might help us set ourselves apart from the pack.

Perhaps our favourite came via Gargatua13013: "Wife material is easy to recognise; just ask yourself if you'd want that girl back to back with you to fight off sharks."

Now we're talking!

(Robin, where you at?)


According to originalmango, it's a short list: "Intelligence. A sense of humour, which tends to come with smarts. Honesty. Ethics. A huggable playground of a body that I can do stuff to."

(We're not exactly sure what that last bit means, but we'd really like to know how to get one of those. Also, anyone else humming John Mayer right now?)

Ladies who order off the Gluten Free menu better steer clear of refubeegee: "No psychos. No cheaters. No picky eaters," he wrote. "Surprisingly hard to find one who meets all three categories who isn't already taken."

(We could have been forever, refubeegee. If only I could get past that aversion to salty snot buckets... I mean, oysters.)


But in the end (well, the last time we checked the thread, anyway) the top/most popular answer went to a gentleman named Kyrias.

With more than 900 points, the mystery Redditor's winning comment went a little something like this:

"Someone who genuinely likes me instead of some checklist of qualities that I managed to get a pass on."

Touché, sir. Touché.