This is what Married at First Sight couples really get paid.

Jennifer Lopez once sagely (albeit grammatically incorrectly) told us that “love don’t cost a thing”.

But Married at First Sight‘s Clare Verrall is here to tell you otherwise.

When questioned by an Instagram follower about how much she was paid to appear on the popular social experiment/television programme, Verrall replied: “$110 a week”.

Yep, you read that correctly. $110. So, basically what your 14-year-old cousin gets paid for their weekend shift at Maccas.

Video via Channel 9

Verrall, who was unsuccessfully matched with tradie Jono Pitman last year, told the follower her stint on the show actually ended up costing her money.

“No you don’t get paid a wage, you get a $110 per week but they don’t contribute to your rent for the house they are filming in or the dates they want you to go on,” she wrote.

“I work in sales and it had a big impact on my work as you can’t just ‘go to work normally’ as they claim. Doing the show probably cost me thousands in lost revenue. That’s why whenever someone writes ‘they just do it for the money’ I have a good laugh!”

via Instagram

But don't worry. Verrall hasn't been completely tainted by the whole experience. In a another comment on the same post she revealed she and newly single MAFS contestant Christie Jordee are teaming up to find themselves some, erm, true love.

"Christie is saying with me next week & we are on the prowl," she wrote. "Look out men of Melbourne!! ☺️"

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Verrall also claimed that Channel 9 has blocked her and her fellow MAFS stars from commenting on the series' social media pages, leaving her to use her own account to praise the inclusion of a same-sex couple for the 2016 show.

"Glad there is FINALLY a gay couple," she wrote. "However every time I see these ads I change the channel - too many bad memories."