We guarantee every woman has felt this way at least once. And it's awful.

Trigger warning: This post touches on violent themes.

We’d all like to think we’re safe in the world but the frightening reality for many women is we’re not, and we know it.

This affecting video shows women sharing their strategies to stay safe at night, and the fact is, most of us can probably identify with a few of them.

“Sometimes I hold my keys in my hand, like I’m Wolverine,” one woman shares. Inventive? Maybe. But we shouldn’t have to be inventive about our safety. Our safety should be a given, but it isn’t.

The fact is, keeping safe is a constant concern for women. It forces us to be alert at all times. It makes us cross the road when we otherwise wouldn’t, take taxis we’d rather not pay for, and join gyms when all we really want is to run outside.

This is the reality we live in. But by talking about it and by sharing our experiences, we can hopefully work together to change it.

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