What it feels like to adopt. Dad speaks about the "unbelievable feeling" of parenthood.

The subject of adoption is something we don’t talk about nearly enough.

In the above ad, released last month by underwear brand Jockey, Michael Cottone shares the intimate story of adopting.

Cottone and his wife, Brigit, desperately wanted to start a family, but were unable to fall pregnant. The couple then made the decision to adopt.

Cottone can hardly disguise his elation in this moving video.

He explains how everything changed in an instant. “It’s not just me anymore. Everything’s changed. Every action, every thought, every breath is about Vincent.”

Vincent is a five-month-old, healthy baby boy. Cottone describes Vincent’s birth mother as “The strongest person I’ve ever met. And she picked us. That’s an unbelievable feeling — that she has the feeling in her gut that we are the ones to be his father, his mother.”

The “Show ‘Em What’s Underneath” Jockey campaign celebrates the spirit of individuality, and explores people’s “true colours, hidden talents, guts, crazy ideas, big secrets and gifts that make them truly unique.”

Cottone wants to “show ’em” that family is everything.

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