How to find the healthiest dips on the nibbles table.

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Who doesn’t love sitting down to a cheeky drink with some dip and crackers?

The dip section of the supermarket is becoming bigger and bigger. A pot of veggie-based dip may seem a reasonably healthy option compared to chips and pastries, but if you consider just a tablespoon of one of our favourite pesto chunky dips contains more than 8g of fat, when it comes to calorie control it pays to know what the best and worst options are this holiday season.

Frozen snacks that’ll keep you cool – without giving you a sugar high.

My rule when it comes to dips is to always consume them with vegetables, spoon out as much as you want to eat rather than demolishing the entire container, and limit dip to once a week rather than dipping in every day after work.

*Dips chosen are a random mix from a Woolworths supermarket

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What’s your favourite dip?

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