Tantric sex: 'How a stranger gave me the most explosive orgasm of my life, without touching me once.'

I have been curious about the art of tantric sex for years.

I’d seen photos of couples gazing into each other’s eyes, with the woman sitting atop her partner as they made love. I wondered what all the fuss was about. My greatest obstacle to a tantric experience seemed to be finding a partner as interested and curious as I was.

Not one of my lovers had been the least bit willing to take a peek into this world that seemingly would open a whole new door to orgasmic pleasure.

Facebook changed all of that.

I stumbled upon a group of women claiming to be wildly orgasmic and pleasure driven. They called themselves Blue Butterflies, and everything in their lives seemed to circle around the concept of being a juicy, luscious and powerfully orgasmic woman.

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I was skeptical, but it sounded too good not to investigate further. I soon learned that I had hit a pot of tantric gold. Several of these ladies were tantric students and teachers, and most had experienced for themselves what I had only imagined was possible. On YouTube, I watched videos of women laying on massage tables completely clothed, as a man beside the table held his hands several inches above their bodies.

Within moments these women would start shaking and gyrating as if they were having the most intense orgasms.

Recently, a friend invited me to see a man named Nityama, a tantric guru, at a live event in Los Angeles. I was eager to attend and, if possible, to get on the table as a volunteer. The crowd was young and seemingly progressive. Nityama spent much of the evening speaking about the powerful energy within a woman’s body, and what a gift it can be to have a partner who understands female orgasm.

At about 9 p.m., he pulled out the table. I raised my hand with several other women to volunteer. There were about eleven of us anxious to experience ecstasy — fully clothed and untouched.

I watched as one woman after the other got onto the table and within minutes was in full orgasmic state.

I mean, they were clothed, while Nityama stood above them with his hands never closer than six inches.


He moved his hands in circles, up and down, diagonally. Each woman (with the exception of one) squealed with pleasure, kicked her legs, moaned and squirmed about uncontrollably.

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It got later and later, and I was beginning to feel like it was not the time for me to have this experience. I didn’t feel open, and the crowd watching was somewhat of a turn off. Luckily, I met a young man there who, after speaking with me for much of the evening, asked if I’d be willing to let him practice on me at a later date.

A couple of weeks later, he came to my home. We chatted for a couple of hours about energy and tantric work. We shared book titles we had been reading and then the work began. Fully dressed in a loose-fitting gown, I lay on the bed, closed my eyes and began breathing deeply. He stood near the bed with his hands hovering above me.

For the first few minutes there was nothing. Then my feet started to tingle, and my left eye started to jump.

Within minutes, I could hear loud moans coming from me. I was surprised as I twisted and convulsed uncontrollably. I could feel heat in my vagina, and I opened my eyes just to be sure his hands weren’t between my legs. I saw that he was standing about two feet away from the bed, and yet I felt like I was being penetrated.

After about fifteen minutes, my body begin to convulse and shake so intensely that I broke out into tears. I screamed and cried with pleasure like I’d never had in my life. Finally, he sat down near me to hold me like a baby and to calm me down.

It was the most satisfying orgasm I had ever experienced — alone or with another, naked or fully clothed. It was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. And my question had been answered.

Yes, there is something to tantric energy. Of course, now I have a lot more questions.

The young man and I talked more through the evening, in an effort to gain more information and clarity from the other’s perspective. Finally, I was tired of talking and ready to be alone.

The following two days, I noticed the feeling of low-grade vibrations, almost like orgasmic tremors, in my body. By midweek, I was profoundly exhausted, unable to sleep and struggling to stay centred.

The only thing I knew for sure was that I was forever changed and incapable of being who I was before I lay down, closed my eyes and allowed myself to simply breathe.

Would you ever be open to trying tantric sex? Would you ever go to a sex workshop?

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