Okay, this is the story behind Jennifer Lawrence's insane looking new movie.

If you’ve seen any of the teaser material that’s been dropping in the lead up to Jennifer Lawrence’s new movie, you probably have a whole bunch of questions swirling around in your mind.

Questions like “what the hell is a Red Sparrow?” and “is this movie actually going to be as intense as it looks? Because my heart is not yet ready”.

Luckily for you, we have the answers to both of these questions.

If you haven’t yet watched the insane new trailer for Red Sparrow, watch it here immediately:

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Red Sparrow is an upcoming American spy thriller film directed by Francis Lawrence (a great director and no relation to Jennifer) based on the novel of the same name.

The movie will be dropping into Australian cinemas in March 2018.

In the film, Lawrence plays a young Russian prima ballerina called Dominika Egorova, a women whose promising  future is completely eviscerated after she suffers an injury that effectively ends her dancing career.

Throughout her years of dancing training, Dominika had pushed her body and mind to it’s absolute limit in order to succeed. Now she is left wondering how she will pay for her mother’s health care as she faces a brutal diagnosis, with no financial stability now that a dancing career is off the table.


With no where else left to turn, she finds herself being drafted into joining Sparrow School, an institute that is no where near as sweet and endearing as it sounds.

Basically, it’s a secret intelligence organisation that recruits people with physical and mental promise and then trains them up to become manipulative human weapons.

A look at the sadistic and painful training processes the recruits must endure in order to become full-fledged “sparrows” provide some of the trailer’s most disturbing scenes. There is definitely not a movie for the faint-hearted.

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Unsurprisingly, Lawrence’s character makes it through the training regime and emerges as the institute’s most dangerous and lethal Sparrow in history.

Things then get very interesting when Dominika meets a CIA agent named Nathaniel Nash (played by Aussie Joel Edgerton) who attempts to lure her away from the deadly organisation and become a double agent.

Basically, Red Sparrow is set to be a high stakes, high intensity movie watching experience.

And, after witnessing Jennifer Lawrence’s last big cinematic turn in the truly horrifying film Mother! it will be interesting to see her let loose in such an emotionally dark and complicated performance.

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Red Sparrow will show in cinemas Australia wide from March 1.