CONFESSION: I love to "humble brag".

I’m so guilty – and I had no idea.

As we stood in a circle for our regular morning editorial meeting, one of the myriad bright young women I work with suggested a story for the day.

“A new study is reporting that people hate humble bragging and would just prefer you to be upfront about your boasts.”

(via Twitter/@humblebrag)


And because, while I am Gen Y by birth but Gen X by nature, I demanded an explanation.

“What the dickens is humble bragging?”

Okay. I didn’t use the word dickens. I said fuck. Fuck is a wholly useful word and can be used basically any situation.

“What the fuck is humble bragging?”

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About 30 people laughed at me, and the young woman in question informed that it is often found on social media and incorporates the use of deprecation in order to boast about your achievements. A boast snuck in under the cover of darkness.

At the time, I shook my head at youth these days, and got on with things. But something niggled at me for a few hours.

At about lunch time, as I found a spare moment to have a wee and check my Facebook, I realised.


I am a humble bragger.

In fact, that morning… on my Facebook page…

This is me announcing to the world that: I’m now a runner. SUCK IT BITCHES.



Then I thought, FUCK. Twitter. Twitter is just an invitation for humble bragging. SO OF COURSE I WALKED THROUGH THAT DOOR:


Look at me, watching a fancy pants film. Not a movie. I’m too high brow for movies. I watch films.

I’m interested in graphic design *and* US politics. I’m so multi-faceted you guys.

Because I’m so super busy and important, apparently.

Yes. I flew in a plane to somewhere overseas. I’m so fucking worldly.

I’m actually just an arsehole.

Oh no… I didn’t. Did I? God. I’m so sorry, everyone. I really am.

FFS. What does this even mean? ALYS! You’re such a dickhead.

Wow. And that’s only three month’s worth. I can’t believe people still follow me on twitter.


Look I’d love to stay and chat about this more but I need to get going. I have a bunch of stuff to do and my day started at 5:30am when I went for a jog.

Do you know a humble-bragger – or are you (gasp!) a humble-bragger yourself?