Forget balayage. Foilyage is the new hair colour technique to ask your hairdresser for.

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It’s time to add the word “Foilyage” to your vocabulary, people.

No, it’s not a bad attempt at spelling the technical name for plants and leaves, but rather the hair colour trend hairdressers are predicting to be the next big thing.

The term is a portmanteau of foils + balayage. Yep, you guessed it — it’s a similar look to balayage, but instead of being done freehand it’s created using foils, which intensifies the colour.

It’s ideal for achieving that natural “I-spent-my-summer-frolicking-in-the-sun” highlighted hair.

“It’s similar to balayage and ombre techniques, where pieces of hair are specifically targeted with powder lightener or high lift tint to embrace the sun-kissed look,” explains Mary Dixon of Brisbane’s award-winning Plum Hair Body Beauty salon.

“It’s a fairly new term but rapidly becoming popular.”

Watch: Mia Freedman reveals her new haircut. (Post continues after video.)


However, it’s got some significant advantages over the traditional balayage or ombre — namely the fact that it means brunettes and those with darker hair can finally jump on the balayage train.

“It has a more natural appeal without drying the hair out too much,” says Dixon.

“Clients of all ages benefit from this technique.”

It also works on all colours, particularly those with darker hair who might have previously refrained from balayage for fear of ruining their hair with the necessary bleach. (Post continues after gallery.)

Even better? That includes the, ahem, more lazy amongst us.

“It’s seriously low-maintenance, making it ideal for people who can’t [or just don’t] go to the hairdressers often,” says AKA Tognini‘s Creative Director Jules Tognini.

To achieve the look (think Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr and Olivia Wilde), your hairdresser will section the hair and let it fall naturally, spacing the colour on small sections evenly throughout the hair.

Unless you’ve got a hidden talent as an artist or hairdresser, this is one trend best left to the professionals and avoid DIY-ing, as it is quite an involved technique.



“The cost obviously depends on the hairdresser and where you go, but don’t be surprised if it’s between $150 to $300 [depending on your hair type and length too],” says Tognini.

A similar price to balayage, but with more natural and long-lasting results? We’re convinced.

Now, to practice our Miranda Kerr-worthy hair flick…

Have you had foilyage before? What did you think?