Miranda Kerr is a fan of energy healing. So what exactly is that?

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When Miranda Kerr posted about her ‘energy healing’ obsession on Instagram recently, I was intrigued.

“So proud of my good friend @charliegoldsmith. This article in the new issue of @elleusa talks all about his amazing healing work. He’s phenomenal!” the model captioned an image of Goldsmith, an Australian energy healer she’s worked with many times.

Immediately, I was interested to find out what on earth this practice was all about, and how it differs to space clearing — a form of energy clearing Zoe Foster Blake raves about. It’s mainly used to clear energies in the earth and house, as well the negative energies that we generate ourselves.

So how, then, does energy healing work?

What is energy healing?

Energy healers can work in various ways, so there’s not much use in comparing one to another. However, all forms of energy healing are based on the idea that positive changes can be promoted by balancing or adjusting the flow of energy in the body.

This practise is increasingly offered as complementary therapy for pain relief and other ailments. The average cost for energy healing is around $120-$150, so there is big business to be had.

Kerr’s healer friend Charlie Goldsmith works with “hands-on healing”, where he hovers his hands over the ailment to move energies around. Despite the name, he never physically touches a patient. (Post continues after gallery.)

Other energy healers work through Chakra Healing. As chakras are a part of our energy system, many forms of energy healing incorporate some form of chakra-related work.


There’s also Reiki, which usually involves “laying on hands” — this means the practitioner’s hands are actually placed on the body of the client in specific positions that correspond to organs and energy centres. Acupuncture, therapeutic touch, healing touch, and spiritual hypnosis are other forms of energy healing.

According to Donna Kovacs, a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counsellor, energy healer, and owner of Spiritual Healing Melbourne, the energies that healers move around can manifest for many different reasons.

“We all have an energy field around us, and within us, and the fields can be referred to as our aura. Certain things can change your energy. For example, if you have an operation, if you drink alcohol or do drugs, or suffer from any form of severe trauma, they are all things that can affect your energy field,” Kovacs says.

Charlie Goldsmith, Miranda Kerr's friend and energy healer. (Image via @mirandakerr)[/img_caption]


“If you have an energy attachment, you might might feel it years later. You can be very confused, or have fear all of a sudden — like having panic attacks — completely out of the blue when you have had nothing to trigger them. Other people may experience extreme sadness and can’t place it."

Physical symptoms like tightening in the chest can also occur, she adds.

Kovacs has more than 15 years' experience with healing methods, which she says enables her therapy to come from both a psychological and spiritual viewpoint. She works with spiritual hypnosis, and she explains that the process she uses can assist her clients to create a "doorway into higher consciousness".


Through this process, she believes people can gain an insight and understanding of themselves that they may not be able experience in any other way.

“My clients have been able to create a deeper spiritual connection to the highest parts of themselves. This connection has allowed them to experience increased feelings of inner guidance, stronger intuition and greater trust in a higher power. Some people have also experience a deep healing at a soul consciousness level which I don’t believe would have been possible with the use of mainstream hypnosis,” Kovacs explains. (Post continues after gallery.)


The process of energy clearing is safe, Kovacas says, and she guides her clients through the process of lifting the negative energies they experience. The entire process can take up to two hours, sometimes a bit longer. Overall, she believes it's empowering.

“I have observed through this spiritual hypnosis process that my clients experience increased feelings of self-confidence, security, self-love, acceptance and trust in the universe, that they didn’t have before,” Kovacs says.

Spiritual effects aside, it's also claimed that energy healing can help to treat everything from physical ailments to hay fever and anxiety.

On a personal note, I used hypnotherapy when I was experiencing anxiety in high school. I don't know if it was a placebo effect or whether the energies in the practice had an effect on my mentality, but there is one thing I know for sure: for me, it worked. After two sessions, it had vanished. I don't know how or why, but it did.

Despite my skepticism about some of the claims about the powers of energy healing, if my anxiety ever resurfaces I wouldn't say no to trying it again.

Would you try, or have you tried, energy healing?