Why do doctors tell women to drink less than men?





We’ve heard it ever since we turned 18 – “ladies”, you can have one glass of wine, “lads”, you can have two.

But, why?

But wine is so good.

It doesn’t seem fair that us females can only enjoy half the booze of our male counterparts.

It doesn’t seem fair, but unfortunately, according to this video, it’s true. They’re citing proof.

Two American doctors, Brian Palmer and Dallas Jensen have made this clip to show why ‘moderation’ is different for men and women.

But, before you watch this (yes, American) video, you need warning about two things:

If you’re planning on having more than one drink tomorrow night, you might want to save watching this until Thursday.

And secondly, there’s a terribly racist dig at Australia towards the end.

Drinkers? Us? Are you serious?


When ran this video this week, they made the note: Correction, Dec. 29, 2014: This video mispronounces cirrhosis as psoriasis. The error remains in the video.

Do you abide by ‘moderate’ drinking guidelines?