Beauty Vlogger Chloe Morello on why she shaves her face.

Australian beauty blogger Chloe Morello has over 1.7 million avid YouTube subscribers who rely on her to teach them the latest beauty tricks. This week, she’s letting them in on how she solves her “peach fuzz” problem.

“Sometimes I find that my foundation doesn’t look perfectly fine or even if I have a lot of hair on my face. I am a woman but it runs in my family to have severe peach fuzz on the lower half of my face. So I actually shave my face,” she said in her latest video.

Image: YouTube/@chloemorello

"I know that it's a trend happening now, but I'm totally on the bandwagon because it makes a huge difference when applying your makeup."

She's not the first to speak about the "trend" also known as dermaplaning, which involves using a razor to eliminate fine vellus hair (better known as 'peach fuzz') from the skin.

Fellow beauty vloggers Huda Beauty and Carli Bybel have also featured videos on at-home dermaplaning, while it was also reportedly favoured by Cleopatra, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. 

There's no ultra fancy equipment required, with the 25 year old often using a regular razor to do the job. That one you've been doing your legs and pits with though? Best leave it and pick up a new one.

"Other times I use a smaller one so I can get the fine areas, like around my mouth. It makes such a big difference. Shaving your face is not scary, guys!" she explained. (Post continues after gallery.)

While many worry about hair growing back thicker, Morello joked that there's only one thing you should be concerned about when it comes to dermaplaning - and it's not that.


"It does not come back thicker, it does not come back black, all that happens is your face is smooth as a damn dolphin. You're so aerodynamic I wouldn't go skydiving because you'll plummet to the floor in o.5 seconds," she said.(Noted, Chloe!)

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So should you be doing it?

While the treatment works for Morello, who's got a lot of beauty experience and know how, it doesn't mean every woman everywhere should feel they have to add 'shaving face' to their already impossibly long beauty to-do list.

In fact, if your "peach fuzz" does bother you, experts recommend getting professional 'dermaplaning' rather than dabbling with the razor yourself.

According to Marie Enna-Cocciolone, aesthetician and CEO and Founder of O Cosmedics, it's a procedure that has only grown in popularity very recently.

"In my 31 years as an aesthetician dermaplaning has always been the least sought after hair removal request and certainly in the last 10 years where hair removal technology has advanced it's a method that, up until now, had been spoken of less and less," she says.


Hold on a sec.... Image: iStock

It's also not as simple as just ‘shaving your face’.

"It's a professional treatment that requires an expert, technique and a purpose-built hand piece/blade tool designed specifically for the removal of short, fine, thin, light-coloured and barely noticeable hair otherwise known as ‘Vellus Hair’. Trying this treatment at home with a normal razor will not achieve the same results," she says.

You can forget about being left with a thick and stubborn beard too, with Enna-Cocciolone calling the fear the biggest misconception about the procedure.

"Dermaplaning was created for the removal of vellus hair specifically so if this is the type of hair you are treating it should not stimulate hair growth," she says.

Image: Instagram/YouTube/@chloemorello.

Do you shave your face or have you had dermaplaning?