'I tried the app that actually gives you cash back when you spend on booze, fashion or travel.'

Thanks to our brand partner, Cashrewards

When something sounds too good to be true, it probably is right? Well, that’s what I thought when I heard about this shopping app that literally gives you money back on your purchases.

In my everyday life, I constantly battle between my desire to buy all the nice things and the desire to save money... to buy all the nice things in the future. 

It’s tough, OK.

Especially around Christmas and the New Year, I’m looking for ways to save money but also spoil the ones closest to me too. Cashrewards makes this task seem less daunting as it allows you to get money back for something you already have to do at Christmas, without any extra effort.

After the year we just had, the last thing I feel like doing is shopping errands. Let’s be honest, we’re all a little (a lot) burnt out, devoid of energy and emotionally bleh

Shopping from my phone wasn’t just the only thing I could muster the energy for this year, it was actually something I was looking forward to doing after finding out I could earn some $$$.

If you have to go shopping, you might as well get an app that’s going to save you some of your hard-earned cashola, because it’s as simple as just downloading an app to your phone. 

I’m all for trying new money-saving hacks so I took Cashrewards for a road test and here are four things you need to know about it.

1. It’s as straightforward as it sounds.

If the name doesn’t explain it well enough, this app will reward you... with cash... for shopping. Yep, you’re basically getting paid to shop (the dream right?). In my head I told myself, It’s free money! Nevermind that I’m spending actual money to get it back in the first place, in my head I was getting free money and that’s a nice thought. 

How it works is that you join up on their website or app and you can shop online at over 1500 of the most popular stores and earn money back. If you’re like me and wondering… but how ?!?!?!?! They explain it as soon as you sign up. Basically, retailers pay them a commission and then Cashrewards shares it with us - so kind!

It's so simple. 

First things first, I linked my Mastercard which was super handy for ease of payment - no jumping around apps, it’s all in the one place. I also turned on notifications so I received the latest increases in cashback rewards and offers. That’s one notification I won’t immediately ignore.

The way to get started is by clicking on the store you want to shop at. You can do this by either searching for the store or choosing a product category from the homepage. From there, you’ll be able to press on the store name and be directed to their website all within the app. You can then shop as normal all from within the Cashrewards website.

When you’re ready to buy, just check out as normal and the cash will be added to your account in the coming weeks for you to access whenever you want. 

You can also shop in-store if that’s more your jam, just use your linked card at participating retailers and the cash will be credited to your account for you to withdraw at any time. 

2. It’s flowy.

This is probably not the word the app developer used when designing this bad boy but they probably said something along those lines of it’s “intuitive” and “user-friendly”.

You know what I mean though. It’s flowy and seamless and super easy to navigate, even for the tech-averse (FYI you should definitely recommend this app to your mum when slyly dropping her your Christmas list!)

At the top of the homepage, the app suggests some key categories that you can shop from like travel and holidays, alcohol and liquor, tech and electronics and fashion and clothing.

The flowy AND intuitive homepage. 

Next, I kept scrolling and came across the Featured Online Offers which included major retailers like Chemist Warehouse and  Amazon. To be honest, this is the point where I started feeling a little sad because I had been shopping for all these years without knowing about this service. I think I had a little bit of retrospective FOMO if that’s even possible.

Oh well - the point is, I’ve found it now and it will be my little insider secret from now on. 

Kidding, I’m telling everyone about it and you should too.  

No really, do this, because Cashrewards will reward you for spreading the word. Yup, they’ll chuck you 20 bucks just for flicking this onto your mates.

Next up you’ll see Popular Stores which include David Jones and even Groupon. I didn’t think saving more money from Groupon was even possible but yet here we are. 

My favourite section of the homepage is where they show you which deals have increased their cash back offer. It means you can keep an eye on things and suss out the best time to buy them!

3. It’s a bargain hunter’s dream.

We’re now at the pointy end of the festive season and I’ve obviously left all my shopping to the last minute. I feel slightly stressed but weirdly well-equipped knowing I can do all my shopping in one place. It’s kind of like the equivalent to that panic late-night Westfield shopping trip I used to do in the days before Christmas - but from my bed. 

I started looking for family and friends’ presents using the category suggester back at the top but immediately got distracted by shopping for myself. 

I headed straight to the alcohol and liquor section. As someone who doesn’t drink myself, you might find this a weird choice, but I was interested to see if they had any non-alcoholic drinks on offer. I saw a brand Lyre’s that I had been dying to try out, I honestly couldn’t believe they had it and with ten per cent cash back!

I clicked on it and was directed to the Lyre’s website that still sat within the app. I found what I wanted, the non-alcoholic Italian Spritz - my Christmas Day drink of choice - and checked out.

I love that you can shop without jumping around apps and browsers. 

I was so pumped by the fact that credit would soon be available in the app for me to withdraw. It kind of softened the blow of spending $45 bucks on what my roommate essentially calls “fancy cordial.” 

I then decided it was probably time to get back to the original goal of shopping for others, and look at what Liquorland had to offer because you really can’t go wrong with buying booze for a present. Hey, just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that it’s a nice gift for others! 

I think I had forgotten how expensive alcohol was since I stopped drinking so it was refreshing to know that Liquorland was offering 10 per cent cash back on all purchases both in-store and online. Some offers are only available either in-store or online but it’s good to know if I really leave other presents to the last minute I can also pop down to my local store to get any final pressies!

I picked up The Balvenie whiskey ($86) for my friend Carl and a Rose Dozen for my friend Caitlin ($100). Getting that cash back from those purchases in my account will feel like a little gift to me for choosing such excellent presents. 

Such fail-proof presents! 

4. You’re spoilt for choice

I kind of feel like this app has partnered with all the shops I already go to? I’ve been wishlisting some clothes on The Iconic for SO LONG and when I saw The Iconic on the app I knew it was a sign, and that sign said - Ellie, do it. You deserve it. And you’re going to look fire at the Christmas party in that dress. 


Currently it’s 3.5 per cent cash back which was enough for me to go straight to cart with this sequiny number.

I mean, how could I not? It was already on sale too.. 

As I started to get the hang of the app experience, I started thinking about what bigger purchases I could use this for. You really are spoilt for choice so I thought I’d check out the travel tab just to see...

OK, so now it looks like I’m entertaining the idea of a spontaneous trip to Airlie Beach. 


I have friends up there but the prices over Christmas and the New Year were a bit exxy, but after seeing that Virgin had 3 per cent cash back and have up to 12 per cent cash back, I was slightly tempted to explore this idea some more. Especially on a big purchase, that can really add up to more than you think. 

Virgin and looking very tempting right now... 

It was becoming a bit of a game for me now, I was trying to see if I could find the biggest cash back reward and came across so many other retailers that I would be saving for later, including Amazon, Myer, Dan Murphy’s and Target. The largest cash back I saw was 60 per cent, which is pretty amazing when you think about it. 

Oh - one final thing, if you’re searching for a Christmas gift, or something for that friend that has it all, on their website they have a ‘last minute gift’ tab which is super helpful when you’re stumped for ideas. They also recently added the option to buy gift cards too and get up to six per cent cash back on them. So much winning all round. 

All in all, Cashrewards has been a complete lifesaver this Christmas season, taking the stress out of going to multiple stores and taking the sting out of splurging on presents! I know I’ll be using it well into next year so if you’re like me and love to shop but hate spending money, give it a download and thank me later.

In case you’re not yet convinced, you’ll also get $20 when you sign up if you shop within your first 30 days! YAS.

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