The new fitness trend that is, quite frankly, freaking us the hell out.

Remember that iconic scene in Alien when a creature bursts from the stomach of one of the spaceship’s crew members?

Wouldn’t you like to recreate the terrifying image of something squirming inside your own abdomen about to burst out? Well, guys, I have great news – you can do it and be on trend at the same time.

Yep, “alien yoga” – as it’s been dubbed for the weird way it makes your contorted stomach appear – is the latest fitness trend showing up in our Instagram feeds.

While it looks slightly horrifying, this yoga move is actually supposed to be really good for your core strength and digestion.

Traditionally known as Nauli (far less exciting, we know) – the move has been around for centuries and it involves exhaling completely before isolating the abdomen and pulling it under the ribcage.


Then you contract and release the stomach muscles to create a rolling movement.

Now fitness models and exercise enthusiasts are showing off the move in videos and photos on Instagram.

If you do want to master the move, your local gym’s yoga teacher will be your best bet.

We think we’ll stick to rolling our tongue and leave the stomach contortions to the pros – and those about to give birth to alien babies.