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"My husband pulled the most bizarre prank on me and now my phone won't stop ringing."

Yesterday, as I woke from a nap and checked my phone, I found I had an unprecedented amount of notifications.

Missed calls, messages, friend requests, the lot. It was, unfortunately, not a sight I see particularly often.

More often than not I will wake up in a sad reality of an empty screen with very few notifications. But alas, yesterday was different.

After initially thinking something big had gone down while I tried to get some post-work shut eye, I realised not one of the numbers who had called me were saved in my contacts.

On closer inspection, I saw a name pop up that was vaguely familiar. It was a guy I had known very briefly while at university, but we have not spoken since I graduated some eight years ago.

“Hey Sally, good to hear from you,” I read.

But I…I…but he never heard from me? Or did he? Was I drunk? Hallucinating, perhaps?

At least, that’s what I thought until I caught the wry smile of my husband at the other end of the room. “Everything all right?” He asked.

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I dug a bit further.

"I am happy to call you and discuss whether this line of work is something you're interested in this afternoon," my old uni acquaintance wrote.

It was him who had been calling. Still calling. Messaging. Still messaging. On the hour, every hour.

My husband, in all his great humour and wisdom, had just signed me up to what is a pyramid scheme.

I have a firm inkling that it's this guy's job to get me to buy into the business he works for. He makes the most of his buck from commission. And although I don't want to have anything to do with his work, I don't know how to reply to him.

He was so lovely when I once knew him, and I do not want to be cruel to tell him by telling him my boyfriend pranked me. But I also don't know if I should just ignore his messages either?

What should I do?