Why the "dry haircut" is something you should definitely consider.

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How many times have you sat in the salon chair full of hopes and dreams as your freshly-washed hair is cut, only to have it look totally different once it’s dried and styled — and not in a good way?

One solution is the “dry cut”. This is technique hairdressers use where they cut the hair before washing and styling it to see how the style looks naturally.

Although it could mean giving up your delightful head massage, the results will be worth it. 
“I prefer to cut dry mostly because I can see the hair like a canvas and judge it on how its going to look in natural fall,” says Edwards and Co‘s Liam Hubbard.

While it’s not a popular request from clients (largely because most of us don’t even know it’s an option!) there are serious benefits, particularly for those with thick or textured hair.
Watch: Mia Freedman gets the ‘Sliding Doors’ chop. (Post continues after video.)

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“Also, when your hair is wet you cannot see the end result or colour of the hair. Hair changes when it’s dry because it shrinks, so it can end up being a lot shorter than you expect.”

If your hair sits at the finer end of the spectrum, it’s also worth considering a dry cut. “If you cut most fine hair when wet you can sometimes miss your guideline and end up cutting too much off,” explains Hubbard. (Post continues after gallery.)

As well as allowing an experienced stylist better precision and control, this approach can also reduce the time you spend in the chair by eliminating a step in the process. However, some stylists still wash and then dry the hair before they start cutting.

Either way, ask your hairdresser — they’ll be able to tell you what will work best for your hair.

“It’s worth noting that hairstylists are artists and individuals, their techniques vary, just as an artist’s would. One of my favourite hair stylists John Sahag, famous for Demi Moore‘s Ghost pixie cut, was famous for his dry cutting.  Most clients leave it up to the hairstylist to determine the technique they use,” says Giavis.

Do have your hair cut dry? Would you try it?

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