"I'm having a baby sprinkle!" The clever alternative to a baby shower.

For women who are expecting another child, staging the big baby shower each time can be a little much.

They’ve had the cupcake tower, they’ve got the bouncer and the newborn bath, and they probably don’t need another pile of hand-decorated onesies.

So, as a friend, how should you celebrate the fact that they’re bringing another precious bub into the world?

You throw a baby sprinkle.

(Yes, that’s a thing now.)

As SheKnows explains, it’s basically a low-key gathering involving the mum-to-be’s very closest friends and family, and just a few select presents.

A baby shower minus the fuss and formality.

Listen to why Rebecca Judd had three baby showers and it’s nothing to do with getting more presents!

So who should attend?

Consult the mother on who she would like to invite, and allow her to set the tone for the event. She might want partners to be there, for example, or kids.

But among the most important guests at a sprinkle should be her elder children. Invite them, include them and if they’re old enough, perhaps give them a special job to do, suggests SheKnows.

What should the sprinkle involve?

Keeping with the low-key theme means there’s no need for catering or entertainment, or really to stick to any kind of structure at all. Just an afternoon tea at home or a picnic would do fine.

Of course, simple, fun games can be a great ice breaker, but just make sure to check whether the mum is up for it – they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.

SheKnows suggests supplying guests with a small card and asking them to write their best piece of advice for the little one, which you can then turn into a keepsake book.

what is a baby sprinkle
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What about gifts?

Again, ask the mum if there's anything she needs. That might be a big-ticket item everyone can chip in for, but chances are it will be something useful.

Nappies, for example. You can never have enough nappies. But bathroom essentials, books, bedding, clothing might be in order, too.

If she seems set with supplies, consider something just for her, like a massage or pedicure.

So basically, don't pull a Charlotte...

This? Yes, it's too much for a sprinkle. Image: Sex and The City, HBO.

In the end, it's all about keeping it simple, keeping the mum in mind and celebrating how fortunate she is to be growing her family.

Just without all the bunting.

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