What have the staff at Mamamia been googling?

In late 2015, Google released the 10 most popular searches of the year.

These searches were collated into a video, which claimed that ‘In 2015, the questions we asked revealed who we are’.

For the most part, the searches seemed promising. There was a strong humanitarian theme, with questions like ‘How can I help the refugees?’, ‘How can we overcome prejudice?’, and ‘Why can’t women be army rangers?’

But then there were the weird searches, that reminded us that ultimately human beings are just curious mammals who happen to be able to type. Among the most popular searches were, ‘What colour is the dress?’ (you know, the dress), ‘Where is the Pope?’, and ‘How can I treat hyperemesis gravidarum?’

Mmm yes. Questions we’d all like to know the answers to.

So we took it upon ourselves to investigate the most popular searches among the staff at Mamamia. And yeah, they probably do a pretty good job of revealing who we are.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever Googled?

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