What have been your BEST and WORST moments this week?

It’s time for our Mamamia Friday afternoon tradition where we take a look back at the week that was and name our high and low points whether life-changing, frustrating or amusing.

WORST: Watching two beautiful women close to me going through IVF for
the umpteenth time to try and have a much-wanted baby. Both of them
would make incredible mothers and my heart breaks that it is so damn
tough. They’re being brave and positive but month after month of
disappointment and frustration for them is devastating. It certainly
makes me think twice before having a whinge about the lack of sleep and
solitude and all the other trivial hardships that come with having
three kids. I only hope that my friends get to whinge to me one day
about how their babies are keeping them up all night…..

BEST: My husband. He rocks and is my rock.

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