Alyse Brautigam found out what happens when you don't wear deodorant for an entire year.

Alyse Brautigam is 22, lives in Hawaii, and has bravely gone where many women never will – she’s given up deodorant.

Alyse’s YouTube channel is called Raw Alignment and documents her life practicing natural medicine, raw vegan cooking, and fitness. With video titles like ‘How I Stay Confident With Body Hair’, and ‘Why I Stopped Showering’; Alyse has become a pin-up girl for her hippie lifestyle.

But no deodorant? How does that work?

Alyse is concerned that many deodorants contains chemicals that have been linked to breast cancer. A statement, according to Cancer Council Australia, that is less ‘fact’ and more medical myth.

“The Journal of The National Cancer Institute published a study in 2002 exploring the relationship between breast cancers and antiperspirants or deodorants in 1606 women,” write Cancer Council on their website.

“The findings did not show an increased risk of cancer amongst deodorant or antiperspirant users, or amongst women who shaved before using deodorant or antiperspirant.

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Nonetheless, Alyse has flicked both roll-on and spray deodorant since October last year, and reckons that one year on she smells like ‘natural pheromones’. We *think* that’s a good thing…

(Image: still from Alyse's YouTube channel, Raw Alignment.)

The YouTube star has uploaded a video to her online show, Raw Alignment, claiming that despite working out daily and living in a humid climate she does not get body odour. The reason, she says, is due to her raw vegan diet.

“Your body actually starts to smell differently based on the food you are putting into your body," she said.

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In the video, Alyse says that different foods - like takeaway food, or baked goods like cakes - have a massive impact on what her sweat smells like.

Alyse says she has a “minimal amount” of BO, and is “less stinky” given her raw vegan diet.


If she does start to sweat a lot (she doesn't shave her pits) the blogger says that she ducks into the bathroom.

"I’ll go into the bathroom and rinse my underarms… splash a bit of water there," she explains.

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But rather than just going without anything, Alyse promotes a product called 'Hippy Pits', a beeswax-based product that is chemical free and apparently stops sweating.

"Our ‘Naked Hippy’ is stripped of any chemicals, additives and essential oils, to leave you with just the good stuff," they write on their website. "So you can smell just like...You. This effective formula uses stink fighting ingredients so you won’t be distracted by BO." 

This isn't the first time Alyse has spoken out about her unusual hygiene routine, with previous videos titled 'Why I Don't Shower', and 'Why I Don't Shave'.

After backlash from some freaked-out fans, Alyse took to her YouTube page to hit back.

"C'mon... y'all really thought that I don't focus on my hygiene?" she wrote.

"Don't be silly... I value ALL dimensions of health. After all... this channel is called Raw Alignment.... aligning the mind, BODY, and soul. It all goes together! Like puzzle pieces! The whole point of this channel is to spread awareness about natural methods of healing and how to balance all parts of our lives... allowing us to reach our optimum level of VITALITY. -- Sending lots of love & showers your way. ;)"

(Feature image: still from Alyse's YouTube Channel, Raw Alignment).


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