In a world of scented candles, what happened to potpourri?

An Old Lady Question if I may:

My woolens sit in a drawer, folded neatly, Konmari style*:

*lie. They are shoved in

And now that it's winter and I want to wear them, I've noticed a little bit of... musk.

Woolly musk.

It's not very Konmari to smell like woolly musk. I want to smell and be in control of my life. I want to smell like a warm hug. I want to open my drawers for a cardy and be overcome with eau de nanna.

Like baby power and imperial leather soap. Like rose petals and lavender.

Like Potpourri.

But in a world of scented candles, in a world of French soaps with flavours like "quince and fanny thistle", what has happened to good ol Potpourri? How can I make my woolies smell like I've stepped out of a shampoo commercial?

Where do you buy Potpourri in 2016? You don't, says Mia. (Post continues after audio.)

Mia reckons no one has seen it since the 80s, and for good reason.

Anyway, haters gonna hate. I'm still after a big bag of pot and I won't be ashamed for it.

I found some on Etsy, the old nanna shop for an internet generation, but it's $36 a bag and shipped from the US. And I fear that soon, as with everything olde, there will be a resurgence and it will only be available from hipster lavender artisans who make it in fairtrade pantyhose.

So I'm getting in now. I'm bringing it back. Anyone with me? #istandforpot

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