Wait, there are actually two different types of dry shampoo?

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Let’s be clear about dry shampoo: It’s a miracle product. It’s there for us when we’re running late and need an easy fix for Day Three Oil Slick hair and it’s there for our thin strands when we want the locks of Bridget Bardot.

What we didn’t realise was that there are different types of dry shampoos that give specific results.

According to Allure, there’s one variety that’s great for absorbing oil out of greasy hair. And one that’s more capable of adding volume to your hair.

With no hints on the packaging to tell you which dry shampoo you’re currently using, so how are you meant to tell? It’s all about the ingredients.


How to tell the difference.

For grease-free locks.

If you want your dry shampoo to salvage your hair when it is a little oily then this one is for you. Its difference?

You will see “cyclodextrin” or starch written on the label. It is the one that will leave the white marks on your head, because it contains more powder to absorb more oil. (Watch: We test the best new hairsprays on the market. Post continues after video.)

So if you’re using this one to suck the grease out of your ‘do, then be sure to let the powder absorb into your hair for a few minutes before giving it a good brush.  (Post continues after gallery.)



For volume.

If you’re all about adding volume to your hair, check the label to see whether the alcohol content is high before purchasing it.

It contains less powder, so it isn’t quite as ideal for taming the grease factor but it’s lighter and will give you more oomph.

There you have it. Excuse us while we go and examine the ingredient list of our current bottles of dry shampoo…

What’s your favourite dry shampoo?