So, where does Sophie Monk's career go to from here?

When Sophie Monk fluttered onto our television screens like the beautiful bogan she professes to be, love was the only thing on her lips.

She wanted it, she was yet to find it and she couldn’t do it the normal way.

And then she apparently found it.

It was with Stu, the heir to a $500 million publican throne and a father-of-four. She came, she saw, she got what she came for. (Ahem.)

So what the hell happens now?

Unlike the Bachelorettes and Bachelors that have come before her, Sophie Monk came into the experience with a career already well-hashed in the public eye. The others came from a base of relative anonymity, leveraging off the attention the show can bring and finding a place for their careers to stand a little taller because of it.

Consider Tim Robards launching the Robards Method soon after his appearance on the show. Or Sam Wood’s 28 By Sam Wood. Sam Frost’s radio-come-acting career. Georgia Love’s appearances on Studio 10.

Everyone bar Blake Garvey – who still, while we’re here, used his fame to star in a car ad with the slogan, “Don’t pick the wrong one!!” – and Richie Strahan have used their fame for the furthering of their careers. And rightly so, too.

But when you’ve already got a career in the public eye, and then side-step that career to go on a dating show, where to from here?

There’s no doubt the nature of Sophie Monk’s fame has changed since she arrived on our Bachelorette screens two months ago. For one, her Instagram following has grown exponentially – from 151,000 in January to, at last count, 434,000. She has been repeatedly been referred to as Australia’s “darling” and it would be no exaggeration to claim she is the most talked about woman in the country right about now.

What’s interesting here is how she now capitalise – makes money – off the impact she’s had on our news cycle and national conversation.

You could feasibly argue there’s space for Monk now to go back into our music scene, given she’s now come full circle – making her initial mark on reality TV and the re-birth of her brand on the same platform.

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You could also consider there might be space for Monk to enter the acting sphere once more, bringing a certain amount of gravitas to our humble local television productions.

But if those options were where you going to hedge your bets, then hold tight. Because in the last two or three months, the way Sophie Monk has made her way back into our hearts and onto our radar is because we finally got to know her. We learned all about Sophie Monk the human and we really enjoyed what we saw.

And in considering that notion, Sophie Monk's value right now comes from her personality, and it would be foolish of her to not seize this public mood.

Perhaps television presenting may be the line forward for her, given rumours in circulation that she is in talks to host Love Island on Channel Nine next year, providing she can wriggle out of her contract with Channel 10.

Whatever her plan, we can be sure of one thing: Wherever she goes, her personality should be at the forefront and the focus of her next gig.

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