The eight horrors hay fever sufferers are going through right now.

Spring – it’s such a warm, joyful time. Until you realise that you can’t go outside because PLANTS ARE TRYING TO KILL YOU.

While everyone else is picnicking in their first sundress of the season, here’s what we’re going through.

1. We no longer need alarm clocks because we wake up sneezing every morning

Nothing like a congested nose on a balmy spring morning.

2. People are constantly asking us if we’re embarrassed.

We’re not - our faces are just red because our sinuses are inflamed.

3. Alternatively people are asking us if we’re sick.

Thanks for pointing that out! Well, yes, I am. But it’s not contagious.

4. Once we explain we look like this because of hay fever people are like: “Have you taken something for it?”

You really think I haven't considered that option?

5. We’re constantly dosed up on hay fever meds, so when we’re awake we’re really, really awake.


And then at night we’re sleeeeeepy.

6 - Some days, we just can’t wear eye makeup because we know we'll cry it all off.

7 - When someone gives us flowers, we want to feel happy. But inside, our hearts sink.

So beautiful... and yet their pollen is so deadly...

8 - Like everyone else, we can’t wait for summer.

In 3 months' time, the struggle will finally be over.

Are you a hay fever sufferer?

If you related to this post, the mere thought of flowers is probably enough to make you well up. But, we promise, these varieties will cause you less suffering than others: 

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