Khloe Kardashian has shared exactly what's in all her sisters' "cray" diets. It's intense.

Whatever your opinion on them as individuals, you’ve got to hand it to the Kardashian sisters – they’ve really nailed the quick weight-loss thing.

While it’s long been suspected that the Kardashian women are simply cyborgs, programmed to take selfies and intimidate other women with immediate return to their post-baby bodies, there is another alternative: they’re just eating bat-shit crazy diets.

In a recent blog post, Khloe Kardashian appears to confirm that the answer is, in fact, the latter.

In the aptly titled “My Sisters’ Diets Are Cray”, Khloe describes what Kim, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie actually eat.

She wrote: “You won’t believe what my sisters actually eat. We all have such different eating habits that sometimes when we’re trying to choose a restaurant I wonder if we’re even related. LOL!”

Naturally, each diet involves the restriction of entire food groups (because of course they do).

Kim has ditched sugar and carbs, but will still eat meat and dairy.

Kim has ditched carbs and dairy. Image via Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kourtney "only eats organic food, and has pretty much convinced herself she's allergic to dairy and gluten too."

Kylie eats "like a typical teenager" but is "super aware of what she puts in her body when it comes to fresh and organic foods." So, nothing like a typical teenager, then?

Kendall, apparently, it Khloe's "go-to girl for cheat day". She "loves burgers and pizza and goes to In-N-Out all the time."

Pizza party!

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Khloe herself avoids red meat and dairy, but loves "sweets". (Last week she laid bare everything she eats on a 'cheat day'. It was epic.)

So there you have it, folks - all you need to do to have a body like a Kardashian is cut off one quarter to one half of your diet!

What do you think of the Kardashian's diet?

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