Tiffany and Janey made huge sacrifices to go on The Bachelor... then they got the boot.

Life on the Bachelor seems pretty sweet: rent-free mansion, pool, food and a healthy supply of homemade drama.

But rarely do we think about the sacrifices contestants had to make in order to take such a gambled hiatus from real life.

Eliminated participants Janey and Tiffany have revealed to Women’s Day what they gave up in order to appear on the show.

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Training administrator Tiffany told the publication she had to pass up a promotion in order to appear on the show.

“When I first left the house I’d actually given up a promotion and my job. To go on the show, I couldn’t take the promotion,” she said.

The 29-year-old went on to reveal how being on the show cost her the job altogether.

“I went on [the show] and lost my job, which meant that for the sake of only being on there for a couple of weeks and not even getting the chance to really know him,” she said.

“When I first left, I felt like I’d been short-changed.”

Tiffany said she found happiness after taking a few months off to pursue travelling.

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Children’s entertainer Janey similarly shared how difficult it was to accept the personal sacrifices made for one shot at love.

“That’s the part that’s disappointing, you put your whole life on hold, you start to think of all the possibilities, what could happen,” she said.

Janey went on to say getting swept up in it all was one of her favourite traits.

“Obviously I get very carried away sometimes but I like that about myself,” she said.

The 27-year-old said that although she was disappointed she was content her elimination was a true reflection of his feelings.

“The whole point of the show is to find love. If he’s not going to find that with me, then obviously I want to be sent home,” she said.

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Previously eliminated contestants have also gone public with the sacrifices they made to appear on the show.

Journalist Natalie Nazzari told Who the months following the Bachelor were difficult due to what she’d sacrificed to be on the show.


“I had to quit my job to go on show. I took a big risk and it didn’t pay off,” she said.

Natalie. Source: Network 10.

The 28-year-old said she had moved back to her hometown to work as a reporter for a local publication.

"I’ve moved back to Kalgoorlie, where I’m working as a reporter at local paper. So it’s not too bad," Nazzari said.