What did you have for dinner last night?

I really hope your meal was more successful than mine. I’m really looking forward to the week I can tell you about the lovely home-cooked meal I made on a Wednesday night. This is not that week.

After a mental day (is there any other kind at the moment?), Jason ducked out to get some sushi and we sat down to eat it with the sounds of Remy screaming in the background. Sleep is not going so well suddenly with him. Jason recalls reading in a baby book a couple of kids ago that around the time they’re learning a big new motor skill – in Remy’s case walking – they can get very scrambled with their sleep because their little baby brains are very focussed on whatever they’re trying to learn. Or maybe I’m just a hopeless softie who has somehow broken all the Baby Whisperer Rules that so magically got him sleeping at 6 months…..

So while he screamed, the rest of us sat at the table and ate our sushi while going around the table having a Best/Worst of the day discussion. It was all going swimmingly until Coco got some seaweed stuck in her throat. This was bad because my girl has a very sensitive gag reflex. I knew what was coming. And then she vomitted her dinner all over the dining room table.

More soy sauce, anyone?

Needless to say, dinner was abandoned. I did, however, end up with some lovely sushi chunks in my hair which I discovered a bit later while at the computer.

How was your night? Feel free to upload any photos you may have of your meal. As a public service to the MM community, I won’t be uploading a thing…..

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