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"Killed them all." Robert Durst was still wearing a mic when he uttered an alleged confession.

“What the hell did I do?

“Killed them all, of course.”

Those are the now-infamous mumbles of Robert Durst as captured in the 2015 true-crime documentary, The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst.

The enigmatic real estate heir agreed to an extended six-part interview with Jinx filmmaker, Andrew Jarecki, about a series of murders he (Durst) had long been suspected of committing.

Durst has always maintained his innocence.

But in the last moments of the documentary, he marches off for a bathroom break and, thanks to his still-on lapel microphone, is heard ostensibly confessing to the alleged killings.

The moment was a major catalyst for his arrest on March 14, 2015; the day before the series finale aired on U.S. network HBO.

Now, nearly five years on, the trial for Robert Dust is due to begin in January 2020.

These are the key chapters in his bizarre story.

The disappearance of Robert Durst’s wife.

What did Robert Durst do
Robert Durst and Kathie McCormack. Image: HBO.

In 1973, Robert Durst wedded dental hygienist Kathleen "Kathie" McCormack, before they separated in 1980.

In January 1982, Kathie attended a friend's gathering but decided to leave following an argumentative phone call from her ex-husband, Durst.

Kathie's friend Gilberte Najamy, who spoke to ABC, recalls her being worried and upset at her house.

"The last conversation that I had with Kathie was a very powerful conversation and as she was leaving my house, she turned to me and said 'Gilberta, promise me if something happens to me you'll check it out. I'm afraid of what Bobby might do'."


That night, on the 31st of January 1982, was the last time Kathie was seen. She disappeared.

Robert Durst filed a missing persons report a few days later.

He maintains that they indeed had an argument on the night of her disappearance, but took her to a train station for her to go to New York City.

No culpability on behalf of Durst was found by police and he has never been charged in relation to his wife's vanishing.

The murder of Susan Berman.

What did Robert Durst do
Robert Durst and his friend Susan Berman. Image: HBO.

On Christmas Eve in 2000, a great friend of Durst was murdered in her California home.

Susan Berman was found with a single gunshot wound to the back of her head.

Berman, who Durst had walked down the aisle at her wedding, died mere days before she scheduled to speak with New York State Police about the aforementioned death of Kathie McCormack.

It was confirmed that Durst, who was living in Texas at the time, was in California at the time of Berman's death.

It's long been suspected that Durst killed his friend in fear of any incriminating evidence she may have told the police.

In 2015, Durst was arrested in relation to the murder of Susan Berman.

The murder of Durst's neighbour, Morris Black.

In 2001, Durst was arrested for the murder of his neighbour, Morris Black, after parts of his dismembered body were found floating in water in Galveston Bay, Texas.


During the trial, Durst admitted that he killed Black but claimed he did so in an act of self-defence, adding that the gun trigger was set off accidentally.

He was acquitted by a jury in 2003, as they had no proof of intent.

Robert Durst's hot-mic 'confession'.

What did Robert Durst do
Robert Durst poses for a mugshot photo after being arrested and detained March 14, 2015 in New Orleans. Image: Getty.

With the now 76-year-old set to face trial in 2020 for the murder of Susan Berman, a spotlight is once again on the alleged killer.

However, as incriminating as his 'confession' may seem, it has since been revealed that it was heavily edited by documentary makers.

The New York Times published a transcript of the actual words whispered by Durst, demonstrating the reworking that had taken place.

The transcript read:

"[Unintelligible] I don’t know what you expected to get. I don’t know what’s in the house. Oh, I want this. Killed them all, of course.

"[Unintelligible] I want to do something new. There’s nothing new about that. [Inaudible – possibly 'disaster.'] He was right. I was wrong. The burping. I’m having difficulty with the question. What the hell did I do?"

Certainly, the remarks muttered by Durst weren't consecutive, as portrayed in the documentary.

It is understood that Durst's defence team will label this a manipulation of his words at trial.

However, the filmmakers insist that what was shown was representative of what was said by Durst.

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